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From: mike loggerman
Subject: The Fellowship of Chubs pt 18. Sunil's BrotherOver the next few weeks Sunil and young flat chest lolita I made love all the time. Passion was
never a problem with us. One day he got off the phone, and seemed to panic
a bit. He told me I should separate the beds. I was shocked and hurt, but
we moved the beds back to their original location. I sat on my bed and felt
very sad. I couldn't understand what I did to upset him enough to separate
our beds. I asked him what was going on and he told me that his family was
sending his younger brother to visit us and he didn't want them knowing what
we were doing. It made me feel like dirt. He came over and sat next to
me and tenderly explained that he was not ready to come out to his family.
I understood and promised I'd act straight until he left.The next day, his brother Ram arrived by bus, and Sunil brought him to our
room. He looked like a smaller version of Sunil. He was skinny as a rail,
hairy, but not as hairy as Sunil, and had a preteen lolitas licking titties big white smile. I offered to
bunk with a friend, but Ram said he brought a sleeping bag and would be
happy on the floor. When we went to eat, I sat with our gay friends, but
Sunil and Ram sat separately. I told myself they had a lot to catch up on,
but it was fairly obvious that Sunil was trying to put as much distance
between me and his brother as possible. One of our friends said that if I
got lonely, I could bunk with him. He said he could fill my "empty place"
for me. Everyone laughed. I told him I might have to take him up on that.
When we got back to the room, I finished my homework, and went to sleep.
Sunil and Ram chatted away, and finally went to sleep. When I woke up the
next morning, Sunil went to his morning classes, and Ram was sleeping in his
sleeping bag, which was unzipped and wide open. I sat there checking out
his body. He was dark, hairy and beautiful. He woke up and caught me
looking him over. He was looking me over as well. I asked how he slept and
he said he was free nude lolitop galleries
fine. He asked why I was staring at him. I told him I was
just thinking how hairy he was for a 16 year old boy. He said guys in
school kid him russian mafia porno lolita for being so hairy. I told him I wished I was hairier like
him. He said he liked that I was so smooth, and said my breasts looked very
nice. I told him a lot of guys say that and want to touch them. He asked
if I let them, and I said yes because it feels good when they are touched.
He asked if he could touch them, and I asked what his brother would say. He
said if I let him touch them he would like it if we didn't tell Sunil. I
said OK, and let him feel my tits. First he just gently touched them with
his fingertips, and then groped them with his full hands. I started to get
hard, and he noticed. He smiled and said that this really did make me feel
good. He reached over and started stroking my cock through my briefs. I
asked that since he was feeling me, would he mind me feeling him, He told me
to go ahead, and I started feeling his hairy chest, and pits. I noticed his
cock was big and hard and pressing against his boxers. He had a wet spot
forming at the tip, and I reached over and started squeezing it. I asked
him if he had ever done things with guys and he said he used to jerk off
with Sunil but that was it. I asked him if he would take off his boxers, and
he peeled them right off. nude lolita teen tgp His cock was longer than Sunil's, but not as
thick. His bush was so thick I couldn't resist running my fingers through
it as I stroked him and played with his balls. He moaned softly as I tugged
on his long hard cock. I told him we could do more, but he had to promise
not to tell anyone, not even Sunil. He readily agreed and I pulled back
his foreskin and swirled my tongue around his cock head. I took him in my
mouth and moved up and down his hard shaft as he stood there watching his
whole cock disappear in my mouth. I reached under him and slid my finger
into his hairy hole, as I felt his cock down my throat. I sucked him harder
and faster, and felt him tense up as he pumped his sweet cum down my
throat. I pulled back and let him finish shooting his load in my mouth.
When he was done shooting, he pulled out and dove between my legs and took
my small cock in his mouth and sucked me until I shot my load in his mouth.
To my surprise, he swallowed it all.I told him how surprised I was that he sucked me, and he said he always
wanted to try it, but knew Sunil would be upset if he asked him, and this
way I would know that he wouldn't tell anyone. I knew Sunil would be gone
for at least two more hours, so we had time to play. I had Ram get on all
fours on my bed, and I parted his hairy cheeks and started to lick his
hole. I reached under him and stroked his hard cock as I tongued his hole.
He moaned as I gave him new pleasures. I asked if he wanted to try
something else, and Ram was very enthusiastic about it. I asked if he
wanted to fuck me, and his eyes got big. I lay on the bed and pulled my
legs up and exposed my hole. He put his cock against my hole and I told
him to hold it there. His precum was dripping like a faucet, and I told him
to start pushing in slowly. He was so excited, he plunged his cock into me
in one thrust. I wrapped my legs around him as he started pumping in and
out of me. He sucked my tits as he fucked me hard and fast. I pulled him
into me by grabbing his hairy ass cheeks, and felt him unloading his cum in
my ass. When he was done, he pulled out of me and I sucked his cock
clean. I got up and opened the window so the place wouldn't smell of sex,
and we went to the showers. Ram liked watching his cum drip out of my ass
and down my leg. No one else was in the shower room so we soaped each
other up. When we got back to the room he made me promise I wouldn't tell
Sunil about what we did, and I promised. He also made me promise he could
fuck me again. I told him he could fuck me whenever we were alone.Later Sunil came back and he was cold and distant. He took Ram to a
basketball game on campus, and they had dinner out. I: couldn't believe the
irony. Sunil wanted to hide our relationship from his brother while his
brother was fucking me. I almost said something but didn't. I wanted to
tell Sunil, but thought he would freak out if he knew.The next morning, Sunil put him on a bus back home. Sunil came back to the
dorm and moved our beds back together. He started acting sweet to me, and I
pushed him away. I asked how he lolitas gallery free pics liked being pushed away. I told him I
understood his situation but that didn't make me feel any better. He pulled
me to himself and started kissing me.. I gave in to him and we made
passionate love. He fell asleep with his cock in my ass. In the morning,
we woke up and went to shower. As we were showering, we soaped each other
up and he had me bend over and he slid his soapy cock into me. He fucked me
slowly and it felt incredible. One of the guys from our floor came in and
watched us fucking,and he lolitas gallery free pics decided to get in on it preteen lolitas licking titties and slid under me and
started sucking my cock. I started to moan, but Sunil got upset. He said
no one sucks my cock without his permission. The guy got pissed off and
left. We finished our shower and went back to the room. We were both
pretty upset. Sunil was treating me like I was his woman. I didn't like
him being so territorial, and I didn't like being treated like a woman. . I
told him I was his boyfriend not his girlfriend. I also let him know I
didn't like being hidden away like I was something to be ashamed of. He
nodded that he understood and said he would try.For the next few weeks, everything went fine, and I was very much in love.
I came in from classes and Sunil asked what I planned on doing after
Christmas break. I told him I wasn't going home, and would try to crash
with a Friend off campus. He said he just got off the phone with his
parents and asked if I wanted to go home with him. He told me that Ram told
his parents I was very nice and they invited me to come to them for the
holidays. I was excited by the idea, but remembered how Sunil acted while
his brother was here, and mentioned it to him. He said naturally, we would
have to act like we are just roommates, but they worked at their business
all day and we would have time to play while they were out. I agreed, and
went home with him during winter break.Sunil's parents were really nice to me and treated me like one of the
family. Their house wasn't large but it was comfortable. Sunil usually
shared a room with his brother, and I was offered the sofa bed in the den.
Ram offered to let me sleep in his bed and he would sleep in the den, but I
thought it might put us under suspicion, so I said I would sleep in the
den. The first night I lolita top list tgp was there, I was thinking I made a mistake in coming
there. I wasn't able to sleep on the bus, and I slept late the first day.
Sunil went to work with his parents. Ram said he wanted to hang out with
his friends, so he stayed back. I woke up to Ram lying naked beside me. He
was sucking my nipples and stroking my cock. He told me no one else was
home and the door was locked, so I started feeling him all over. He raised
his arms and let me lick his hairy pits while I played with his nipples. I
felt his hard cock digging into me freedom lolita photo bbs and I slid down and started sucking him.
I pulled back the foreskin and licked his head before going down on him.
he reached between my legs and started fingering my ass. He said he had
been wanting to get in my ass since he fucked me at school. I got on all
fours and he got behind me and positioned his cock against my hole. He
pushed gently and young flat chest lolita the head popped in. He started moving in and out going
deeper each time, until I could feel his thick bush against my ass. We
moaned in unison as he fucked me long and slow, and I squeezed my ass around
his cock. he thrust hard in me and shot his load. He got on top of me
and kissed me passionately. We got up and showered.Ram asked if I had said anything to Sunil about what we did, and I said no
because Sunil would kill me if he thought I touched him. He told me Sunil
jerked off with him last night. I asked if that was all they did. He told
me for the first time they ate each other's cum. It seemed my boyfriend was
loosening up with his brother. We spent the rest of the day playing video
games until Sunil and his parents got home from work.
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